Winter 2015 Demo

by Alms

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recorded in the attic at Sloth Loft in Riverwest


released December 17, 2015

Nate Northway: electric guitar
Tyler Mantz: bass guitar
Jamie Yanda: drums
Cassidy DW: acoustic guitar, vocals

engineered and mixed by Nate Northway
art layout by Nate Northway

thank you Kyle Smith and Aaron Skufca for lending your recording equipment, without which this demo would have sounded much shittier
thank you Steve Sampson for providing a decent kick pedal



all rights reserved


Alms Milwaukee, Wisconsin

four friends writing songs about growing pains (formerly known as Ash, ex-members of Temple, Moaded, Bastard Cat, etc.)

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Track Name: Friends
I hang out with my old friends all day inside my head
one of you moved to Japan to teach English to all the little children
I drive around with my old friends - this highway never ends
one of you now works for NASA, and the two of you have a kid

your firecrackers in the car - we thought that you blew off your arm
you tried to put it in park. and only made it to neutral
and someone climbed out of the moonroof, and I'm still curled up fetal
while you stand so tall - I should give you all a call

I'm at a diner with my old friends, cigarettes and coffee mugs bottomless
the teachers took away our skateboards, and now you're air traffic control in the air force
LAN parties with my old friends - honing our strategies in Starcraft
one of you is off in Kentucky, soul searching and moonshining

your bedroom in the basement, Modest Mouse and Animatrix
learning to build computers, looking up to your older brothers
now we just facebook message each other from 500 miles away
I got to see you for one day, and for that day nothing had changed

I'm growing up with my old friends, pulled apart, learning to work til death
we all get so exhausted, and some of us have totally lost it
but it will be alright when you point out my receding hairline
we will laugh it off and remember that none of us has forever
time ravages us together - we should check in on each other
try to live some of the same moments, even when we cannot share them
Track Name: Projection Room
Dad, was it sad?
it was time to go away
last lunch at the Chinese buffet

because I know I cried soon as you were out of sight
driving in my car, the city never seemed so far
from where my feelings are

I spent my time alone - I wouldn't pick up the phone
and I fell off the map, yeah I was gone like that
looked out for number one, and like a setting sun
in the polluted city sky, where the colors glow most bright,
I fade forever on the skyline

now I sit in protection, like a womb
a beam of light in the dark of the projection room
watch silent films of ourselves, take the old books off the shelves
recalling a past life when I felt more like myself

my friend Joe says "kill the past" - I wish it worked like that
I'd have it buried out back, because to endure one must last
but we're not built to last, but to spill and to stain instead
to collect dust, to turn to rust that clings to those that lie ahead

Kurt, did it hurt?
things don't always go as planned, so you got in your sedan
and that's about the last I heard

but I know you'll be ok, in San Francisco or Green Bay
yeah I know you've been alright, through the darkness and the light
in the polluted city sky, where the colors glow most bright
yeah, we've had some good times, and I'm glad
big brother I never had
Track Name: Primal Rage
Rudy, I can still remember the day you were born
Rudy, I wanna tell you something that would mean more
I remember being on a plane, I remember being far away
I remember country pizza arcades, playing Primal Rage

take Mom's bills to the bar to make some change
somehow the bartender always knew my name
I tried to apply expert technique - you beat me by button mashing
little brothers teach you feelings like primal rage

Rudy, I remember watching you learn how to skateboard
you keep getting better day by day than you were before
I would love to hear you sing - I want you to beat me at everything
little brother, teach me feelings into our old age